JSON API for Resumes

A simple way to represent personal information as JSON objects.

API Documentation

Resources are served as JSON documents using REST-like conventions. The top level resource /resume serves the entire document. The various collections serve a list of resources, or a single resource when given an index in the form of collection/index. Resources are zero indexed, and when chronology is significant, newer resources are listed first. So to get my most recent employer, you would make a request to /employers/0

GET access is allowed to the following:

POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE are not currently allowed, but could be used in the context of accessing a read/write data source.


This was a project that I started thinking about after reading a Hacker News article about Parse and their "Apply via API" concept. I intended it to be a fairly straightforward way for people to describe themselves, and what they were interested in.

Also, as a (soon to be) new grad without a permanent position lined up, this seemed to be a semi-novel way to pitch myself to companies.

Technical Details

This is a Jetty webapp that uses Google's Gson library to deliver Java data classes that amount to Java Beans. Currently, data is fetched from a single class, though it would be fairly simple to add a database for persistence. Dependencies and packaging are managed by Maven. Git, and Heroku combine for quick, and mostly painless deployment.